A Charter For Renewed Cooperation?

This is my take on why only cooperation and federalism and democratic, participatory community development can begin to heal the divisions that exist in our communities. For me, the Labour party have lost any connection to its roots, so we need to radically renew the idea of working-class movements by ending the elite electoral machines that never listen and that reproduce the very conditions of our oppression that they claim to oppose.

Rule Britannia! 40 years after Derek Jarman’s cult film Jubilee was released, this clip sums up the sinister English nationalism behind #Brexit

“You wanna know my story babe. It’s easy. This is the generation that grew up and forgot to lead their lives. They were so busy watching my endless movie. It’s power babe, power. I don’t create it, I own it. I sucked and sucked and I sucked. The media became their only reality and I owned their world of flickering shadows. BBC. TUC. ITV. ABC. ATV. MGM. KGB. C of E. You name it, I bought them all and rearranged the alphabet. Without me, they don’t exist.”

Hipsters and artists are the gentrifying foot soldiers of capitalism

This is my first article for The Guardian Comment is Free section.  I've added my own pic here...

It's a response to Matt Hancock's recent maiden speech about UK arts and culture in which he said, "The hipster is a capitalist."

I'd love your feedback...

The Right and Freedom to a Home: My introduction to Theresa Easton’s new artist book

Everyone has the right and freedom to a home, don’t they?  And yet, so many people are homeless in the UK, in Europe, across the entire planet; displaced by war, oppression, climate change and the imperialistic march of global capitalism.  The United Nations are concerned: deeply concerned.

heresa Easton's superb new book explores housing crises and homelessness.  She kindly asked me to write the introduction.  Here's the draft published with the author's permission.

Stand up for Socialism NOW!

  So the Parliamentary Labour Party want Corbyn out via a new leadership election... Firstly, fair en0ugh.  That's their privilege.  Secondly, they always wanted Corbyn out; they never thought he could win. But... Unfortunately for the PLP, Labour leaders are democratically voted in by the members. I re-joined Labour because Corbyn offered a sense of…Read more Stand up for Socialism NOW!

The Fear of Freedom: The Act of Living

I am VERY angry.  These are incredibly uncertain times. The UK is boiling over with a hatred and sense of alienation whisked up by UK and international self-interest - by the global libertarian elite: the 1%.  THEY do not want an EU.  THEY do not want peace.  THEY do not want social justice.  THEY do not…Read more The Fear of Freedom: The Act of Living