Complexity, uncertainty & scalability: How Assemble’s Granby 4 Streets won 2015 Turner Prize

Did Assemble really play such a big part in Granby 4 Streets?  How 'community-led' was the project?  What was the role of the Community Land Trust?  How did Assemble come to win the Turner Prize 2015?  Who were the private social investors and what did they do to help make the project happen?

he intention here is to blow open the façade behind Granby 4 Streets, Assemble and the Turner Prize 2015 win.

his is a long read and part of my research into art-led regeneration projects that are often far more complex than is often portrayed.

argue that the media and art world picture of Assemble is overly simplistic and masks a far more complex and uncertain set of events that, ultimately, relied on 'mystery' private social investors to force local government to act in support of the project and to lever money from national grant funders.

If only Balfron Tower could talk, if only we could see – an ode those in social housing so cruelly dispossessed

This is a re-blog of a guest post I wrote on 20th September 2016 for the Balfron Social Club.  An ode to Balfron Tower and its dispossessed residents...

Wake up UK art & culture! I, Daniel Blake shames us all. We should be ANGRY!

I watched , Daniel Blake with my wife this weekend.  It left me feeling very, very sad and REALLY FUCKING ANGRY!

This is not a review nor a summary.  This is my personal attempt to come to terms with the FOUL WORLD we have all somehow managed to allow to creep into being!  I am SO FUCKING ANGRY!